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For example, Trump International Hotels Management LLC, registered in Florida, updated its paperwork with the secretary of state to list Eric Trump as president. Although Dillon says Trump has taken "extraordinary" measures, many government ethics lawyers have panned them as insufficient. They note that no modern president has taken office with as much wealth and as sprawling and opaque a business. His company, the Trump Organization, has stakes in golf resorts, office buildings, residential towers and hotel licensing deals in about 20 countries. Those include ones with which the U.S. has sensitive relations, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey. With so many business ties, particularly รองเท้า แฟชั่น คู่ ละ 50 abroad, government ethics experts worry U.S. interests could take a back seat to his personal financial concerns. And even if they don't, they argue, people will try to curry favor with the new president by buying apartments in his towers รองเท้าส้นสูงสีทอง or memberships in his golf resorts, raising doubts fair or not that U.S.

President Donald Trumps election motivated marcher Sylvia Teahan, 77, of LeisureTowne in Southampton, to become more of an activist Democrat. Since then, Teahan said she has visited Republican Congressman Tom MacArthurs Evesham office three times, twice to voice her objections to some of Trump's Cabinet nominees and also as part of a candlelight vigil to let the 3rd District legislator know she supported his vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act. Teahan also said she had two letters to the editor published and has done extensive research on the internet to gather facts to support her positions. Ive been able to inspire many people through this, said Clemments about the march, her first attempt at political activism. She also created a Facebook page, Stand Together, to help people in South Jersey stay involved in future actions. Francis McMaster, 66, of Whiting, Ocean County, attended as an ardent supporter of women's rights. "Women mean so much and contribute so much to our society," McMaster said, "and we haven't even changed the Constitution to include the women's Equal Rights Amendment that's been sitting there for 30 years." Kim Jones, 31, of Runnemede and formerly of Evesham, showed up with her 32-year-old sister, Lyndsey, of Evesham, and 9-year-old niece, Ava. If doesnt matter if people are different. You should still treat them with respect, said Ava, a fourth-grader.

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The AP is citing a city official who estimates that about half a million people showed up to protest, which is more than double the number expected by march organizers. And there are no conclusive numbers on the turnout for Donald Trump's inauguration. Some outlets have estimated 250,000. In a meeting with the CIA today, President Trump called those numbers "a lie" and said that "It looked honestly like a million and a half people, whatever it was, it was, but it went all the way back to the Washington Monument." But here's what is known conclusively: The DC Metro reports that as of 11am on January 21, metro ridership was around 275,000. Metro Ridership as of 11am: 275k. For comparison, that's more than 8x a normal Sat & even busier than most weekdays. #wmata #womensmarch - Metro (@wmata) January 21, 2017 For comparison, the ridership on January 20 by 11am was around 193,000. Metro Ridership: As of รองเท้าส้นสูงราคาถูก facebook 11am, 193k trips taken so far today. (11am 1/20/13 = 317k, 11am 1/20/09 = 513k, 11am 1/20/05 = 197k) #wmata And here are two EarthCam shots of the National Mall via CNN : View photos

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